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Backup Generators

Not having a standby portable generator can be a big risk for your business. What will you do if the power goes out due to weather, some type of disaster, or an accident? Will your employees be able to remain productive? Will your customers still be able to purchase the good or services you offer? It can be expensive to shut down operations due to a construction mishap in your area.  Even if it’s just a short interruption due to weather, customers may leave without making a purchase and employees may have to be sent home if they aren’t able to work.

A generator can provide your business with the power to stay up and running in an emergency.  Commercial considerations are different from residential, it’s vital to install a generator that’s designed for use in your industry, and is the proper size. Adequate ventilation and safety measures are important to protect your business, employees, and customers. Depending on your business needs, a small portable generator may be sufficient. But for most, a permanent or standby generator is a better choice, since it can be wired into your existing systems, and automatically starts and switches over with a transfer switch. Determine your power needs to decide which you need. If you have only a few essential machines or appliances, a portable generator can work, but will need to be refueled throughout the day if the power outage is extensive.

If you have a number of machines or appliances, or operate sensitive equipment, or have multiple employee workstations, you probably need a standby system. Another choice is a docking station, that’s been pre-wired to accommodate a rental generator and can allow you to just plug it in and have power to pre-determined machines and lighting systems.

Commercial clients in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho metro area need to have a backup power supply in case of an outage.  Spring winds, summer thunderstorms, even road work can knock out your electricity and leave you in the dark.  It’s a smart business move to have a disaster-preparedness plan that includes a generator, to avoid expensive interruptions in revenue and employee productivity. Don’t wait until the storm or disaster to consider it.

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