Albuquerque & Rio Rancho Commercial Electrician Service

Remodeling & Retro-Fitting

Over time, technology advances. You may find your equipment or motor controls have become outdated. You may be moving your business into an existing building that needs to be prepared for your specific needs. Anthony’s Electric LLC can help you make a smooth transition to a new space or upgraded equipment. We have years of experience evaluating electrical needs for safety and efficiency. You’ve got to have enough power to do what you do, with professional wiring and installation that’s up to code and fully able to handle your business needs.

Whether you’re expanding to a new location, moving to a larger facility, or just upgrading equipment or systems in an existing facility in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho metro area, let us do the job right.

We can install new electrical components, repair existing components, and wire and install grounded systems. If you’re remodeling an existing facility, it’s a great time to upgrade your electrical systems to support the use of advanced technology and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. Many office buildings have outdated wiring and systems that just aren’t sufficient anymore. You may also need parking lot and security lighting, electric signs, and generator installation.

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