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Thunderstorms, car accidents, high winds, even brown-outs can knock out power to your home, leaving you with no electricity, and of course, no appliances or devices that run on electricity.  For many reasons, this can be unacceptable or even dangerous.  The elderly and small children are much more susceptible to the extreme temperatures of summer or winter. If you suffer from health issues, you may need power for oxygen delivery systems, nebulizers, and lifts.  You may take medication that needs to be refrigerated. Even if it’s not a life or death situation, it can still be uncomfortable and expensive (think of all the food in your refrigerator and freezer!) to be without power.

A portable generator can provide you with power in an emergency situation.  With some thought and a little research, you can determine which appliances are absolutely essential.  Make a list, and check the wattage of each.  A typical refrigerator uses 1200-1500 watts but requires a bit more when the compressor initially starts up.  A television generally uses less than 1000 watts, and lamps use the wattage of the light bulb.  The total wattage of all the appliances you need to power will guide you to the right size generator.  A generator rated for 3500 watts will generally be sufficient for a refrigerator, small fan, television, and some lighting, and will power those items for about 12 hours on a tank of fuel.

The wiring and installation of a portable generator needs to be done professionally and up to code.  It can be very dangerous, and if it hasn’t been professionally installed and inspected, your homeowners insurance probably won’t cover you.  And, in an emergency, you want to know that it’s going to work when you start it up.   If you’ve lived in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho metro area for long, you know our weather can be surprising, accidents are common, and it’s best to be prepared!

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